“Selma” Movie Review


 Selma. So much can be said about this movie, but sadly there is just not enough time in the day to discuss eloquence of the dialogue, the perfect portrayals of these powerful Civil Rights leaders, the great use of historical fashion or the epic impact of the score. This movie is pure genius. Selma is one of those movies that impacts us all, white, black, old, young and everything in between. It shines light on a historical violent event that has laid the foundation for where the USA stands today. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s character, played be David Oyelowo, showed strength, but also flaws. We the audience got to see the behind the scenes of what made these events take place, the weighing of options by political leaders and the inner turmoil that personally plagued families of those trying to make a change. We got to see the marital problems that Mr. and Mrs. King faced. We got a sense of the conversations that transpired between Lyndon B. Johnson and MLK and the different personal plights that key players during this time had to face. There have been many bio-pics in the past that have captured the life of the late Martin Luther King Jr. but none like this movie. This movie showed true strength, struggle, sadness and triumph, like no other and that must be commended. Selma gave the audience a small window into how things truly transpired.
It is clear that time was taken putting together this movie. Each actor played their role to the T and that is a hard job to do, trying to fill the shoes of these magnificent and flawed historical figures. The script alone touches the audience in numerous ways. The lines were so thoughtfully written and the delivery did not fall short. We felt the impact of each conversation, we felt every blow the officers made against the protesters and we felt every death that occurred due to these heinous violent acts. That my friends is something very hard to do in a movie. This movie pulls the audiences in and makes you feel like you are personally apart of the history. Finally, the score, what can be said about a score like that. Each piece of music greatly enhanced the scenes. And Common and John Legend’s Glory was a perfect piece to conclude the movie.
This movie will and has definitely stirred some controversy, from the portrayal of LBJ by Tom Wilkinson or the lack of award nominations and that is just in the first few weeks of the movie coming out. First, we must remember that LBJ was not alway on the Black man’s side, he evolved like most people do. We can not sugar coat the fact that LBJ fought progress at first, but in the end he helped to make a great stride for America. Next, Selma deserved endless nominations, but it has been snubbed, especially by the Academy (The Oscars). The movie received a whopping ONE Oscar nomination. That is wrong on so many levels and it shows where we are in America. We have made progress but not enough. Whether the award snubs are due to subconscious racism or the lack of vision it can’t be denied that Selma is a beautiful movie.
Selma has come at a perfect time, when so many of our black men are being brutally killed and no one is being punished. When our black men and women are being slain by the people who are supposed to protect them it makes you wonder if we have actually made any strides since the Civil Rights movement. Nonetheless this movie is showing those who may have been naive to the events that transpired in Selma while also showing the upcoming youth what their people have fought so hard for. Everyone should go see Selma, it is a true 10/10. And just because the Academy doesn’t want to give credit where it is due does not mean that we the people can’t. We must remember events like Selma as we go through our daily lives, so that we can work to acquiring true peace.

And here I leave you with a quote from the movie said by John Lewis character, played by Stephan James
-“Fear not, we’ve come too far to turn back.”


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