The Pinkprint


As they say, I was “schleep” on Nicki Minaj’s “The Pinkprint”. “The Pinkprint” was one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2014. We knew Nicki was working on one of the biggest projects of her career when she released the name of her album, “The Pinkprint”. The title was supposedly influenced by Jay-Z’s famous album “The Blueprint”. Just like everyone else I was excited to see what Nicki had in store for us. To say the least I was not impressed when I first heard Minaj’s album.
When I first heard the album I was so excited because her single “Only” was my jam. I listened to “Only” on repeat for about two weeks straight. So, I took a seat and was ready to listen to the album. I heard the first three songs on the album; I was pissed and slightly irritated. The first few songs were a little too vulgar and harsh for my liking. I was done after song three and I didn’t even bother finishing the album. Weeks later I’m riding around with a friend and decided to listen to the album, but on shuffle. I was in shock at the fact that the songs were so good; she was crossing genres. Minaj has such versatile songs, some of them are more Pop like “The Crying Game” and some are just pure Rap. Nicki was giving us endless bars. This is when I realized I had completely slept on the pure gold album Nicki Minaj had released. This album is not completely perfect and I won’t say I like every song, but it does a nice job of showcasing Nicki Minaj’s versatility and range. She isn’t just a rapper, but a songwriter and a singer. Nicki Minaj has a bright career ahead and I’m looking forward to watching her continue to grow.

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