2015 Grammy Review: How Good Was it?


Well, award season is in full swing, and this past weekend was the Grammy’s time to shine. The show left many disappointed, upset and confused to say the least. Rock band, AC/DC, opened the show and there seemed to either be mic trouble or the lead singer was having a hard time performing. The instrumental was great, but that was the highlight of the AC/DC performance. The next big performance of the night was Madonna’s performance. Madonna is a legend and is one of the originators of grand theatrics; her performance was… lack luster. Her dance moves were very loose and she sounded winded. The performance left much of the audience dazed and confused, but her song was catchy, so that’s a plus. Rihanna, Kanye, and Paul McCartney’s performance was wonderful, it sounded almost exactly like the recorded version, which speaks to the talent of the artists. Sia’s performance was intoxicating, artistic and creative. The Grammys were right to save Common and John Legend’s performance for the end. It was simplistic, crisp and moving. John Legend didn’t miss a single note and Common invoked such emotion leaving the audience mesmerized. To say the least, it was a great way to close the show. Some other great performances of the night were Kanye’s solo performance of his emotional hit “Only One.” Other powerhouse performances were given by Hozier & Annie Lenox and Sam Smith, who invited the legendary Mary J. Blige to sing his hit “Stay With Me.”
At this past Grammy’s it seems that many award were not given out at the event. It was truly Sam Smith’s night, he won 4 Grammys and was so humble. The award that left everyone in Awe was for Album of the Year, which went to Beck. Many people expected the award to go Beyonce or any other contender except Beck. Kanye stormed the stage again, but did not interrupt this time, but lets be clear Kanye did believe that Beyonce was the rightful owner of the Album of the Year award. If Beyonce really deserved the award is up for debate. I am a true Beyonce fan and a member of the Beyhive, but Beyonce’s performance of “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” proceeding Common and John Legend’s performance, could’ve been better. The song was originally sung by R&B artist Ledisi on the Selma movie soundtrack. Ledisi had been rehearsing and had intentions of performing the song, but somehow the song was given to Beyonce to perform. This was wrong and Ledisi would have done a better job of performing the song. We can’t take away the fact that Beyonce is beyond talented, but her performance was missing the effectiveness that could have been provided by Ledisi.
Overall the Grammy’s was a ballad fest except for a few upbeat songs. Many of the performances lacked energy. This was one of the Grammy’s more lack luster nights. The night wasn’t as engaging as it could’ve been. Overall, this years Grammys were a 6.5 out of 10; the second half of the program was much stronger than the first. Hopefully next years Grammy will leave us a little more excited and less in our sorrows.


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