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University of Oklahoma Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity


Oh the timing.
It was just last week that I discussed the use of the N-word. I posed the question of who has the right to use the word. Well, this past weekend two videos surfaced of the University of Oklahoma chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon chanting “There will never be a ni***er SAE. You can hang him from a tree, but he can never sign with me.”. I think we can all agree that this was meant to be offensive and racist. These white boys had no right to say that word, and it was a clear representation of the boys feelings. After the videos surfaced University of Oklahoma was quick to release a statement and punish the fraternity. The university shut down the fraternity and has forced them to vacate their fraternity house. I don’t think that is a harsh enough punishment, but the school has stated that they’re looking into ways to punish the fraternity boys personally.
It is sad to think that in 2015 we are still dealing with the issue of constant racism. Racism has been systematically ingrained into so many people’s subconscious, that its inescapable. These boys are in their late teens, early twenties spouting racism. So for those of you that think racism is dead, think again because it is alive and well and thriving on top of that.
Finally, this leads me back to my question from last week: Who has the right to use the n-word? Well, speaking for myself I believe only blacks should be allowed to use the word, because when others decide to use it many times the word becomes hate-filled and offensive. It’s been over a half of a century since the Civil Rights movement and we seem to be dealing with the same ignorance. I wonder if society will ever outgrow racism.

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