Sex Sells?


Sex sells that’s what they say right?
It’s so sad that you can’t watch a single show or movie unless it’s a children’s show, without seeing a sexually provocative scene. It seems as though in the past 20-30 years programming has become so vulgar and sexually based. Up until 1968, there was a cinematic code so only certain things could be shown and sex was not one of them. During this code, if sex was something the director wanted to portray they would have to play up the acting so the audience could infer that a sexual encounter was about to occur.
So much sex has been shown in the media and entertainment that we as a society have become desensitized. For many, seeing so much sex and sexual behavior on tv doesn’t phase them because of the desensitization.
Sexual portrayals on TV is the root problem, but this problem has also led to some not so great consequences. First, the youth are impressionable and we imitate what we see in media. Teen girls dress like grown women now… You can’t tell if they’re 16 or 25. Furthermore, teenagers are acting the way 25 year olds act:sex, drugs, alcohol, etc. This is apparent in the rising teen pregnancy rate.
I’m not saying that media and entertainment are the sole cause for these problems but they are key players and enablers. Before you know it they’re gonna be showing porn on Disney channel, is that really what we want for our kids? Kids are so busy trying to be what they see on the screen that they aren’t being kids anymore. They’re so eager to grow up and I fear what society will look like in 20 years if we continue to go at this rate.


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