The Hidden Flaw of College


They say college is supposed to be the time when you grow up, explore the world, and start contributing to society, but no one addresses the hinderance that college creates. What is the hinderance you ask, well it is the sheltering and blockading of real world problems from college students. This is not the experience for every student, but it is very common for many students who lose touch with the world while in school. While in college, I have sadly become so disconnected from society; not by choice, but by default. I just completed my first year of college and within that year I may have watched the news about ten times. This is due to a combination of reasons. First, I didn’t have much access to a TV because I didn’t have one in my room. As a result, if I wanted to watch the daily news, I had to go out of my way to watch it. Second, considering a lot takes place on campus, you tend to get so consumed with those activities that you forget that there is a world outside of your campus. Furthermore, to find out about current events, you have to succumb to the internet and visit sites such as CNN or the NPR page. Another option is to read the newspaper or listen to the radio, but most students don’t do that.
Being blissfully unaware of current events is a nice aspect of college, to a certain extent. During my first year in school, I took an introductory International Relations course, and within the course we had to stay abreast of current events, but minimally. The following semester, I didn’t take a class like that so there was no reason for me to remain updated on current events. While at school, I became so busy with my college life and activities that I found myself extremely removed from what was going on outside. For example, I did not become aware of the earthquake that occurred in Nepal until two days after the event. It is nice to leave all the flaws of the world when you go to college, but when you become too detached from society, you can’t mature and become a worldly individual. One student said, “the sheltering of college has its ups and downs. You have the freedom to explore what exactly piques your interest while being able to make mistakes within the bounds of reason. At the same time, it can also be easy to become desensitized to things outside of the college sphere.” I think most college students can find some truth within that statement. This leads us to the final question: does college do an effective job of creating worldly individuals when students clearly become so unaware about the world outside of their small community at school?

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