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Let’s Skip the “New Year, New Me” BS— What Does the New Year Really Mean For Us?


Well, it looks like the earth is about to complete another revolution around the Sun. Another year of birthdays, holidays, and special occasions are upon us. Another 4 seasons. For some, it means graduating or starting a new job, or a new adventure. The new year isn’t about becoming a new person, it is about growing up and finding out who we are and what we want. It is about going for that new job or starting a new hobby or simply getting healthy. You don’t have to become a whole new person to get these things, you just have to want these things and actually put in the work to get them.

You may have had a rough 2015 or maybe you had a great 2015. Some of us loss loved ones this past year. For some, you may have had to cut ties with people you thought would be in your life forever, but in the end, it may have been one of the best decisions you made in 2015. Sometimes those we wanted to be in our lives in 2016 weren’t mean’t to be there nor did they deserve to be there, but that’s ok because something better is coming your way.

No matter what happened in 2015 good or bad, at least we have another year to look forward to. Everyone isn’t lucky enough to say that. So, while you’re reflecting on your 2015 and preparing for your 2016, try not to focus on your losses and remember everything you were blessed with this past year. And when the clock strikes 12, get excited because the possibilities for 2016 are endless, but it is up to you to make the move.


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