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A “Views” Review from a Slightly Disappointed Drake Fan


It has been only a few weeks since Drake dropped his latest and highly anticipated album “Views.” If you keep up with the rapper, then I’m sure you are aware of how incredibly long it took for this album to drop.  Fans were expecting the album at the beginning of last year, 2015. Instead of releasing the album, the Canadian chart-topper released a mixtape titled, “If You’re Reading this it’s Too Late.” The mixtape wasn’t legendary, but it was good. There was nothing standout about the mixtape, but I enjoyed listening to it. Around the rumored release time and up until a few weeks leading up until the actual album release, the name of the album was reported to be “Views from the 6.” Perhaps if he stuck with that title or had released it when originally scheduled, I and many other Drake fans would have enjoyed this album a bit more.

“Views” is not bad or horrible, but I was disappointed to say the least. After speaking with numerous other people, I found myself accompanied in this opinion. To start off, the album should have been much shorter. If Drake put the 13 or 14 strongest songs on the album instead of 20, I think I wouldn’t have as many complaints. There are about 13 or 14 really good songs on the album, but because there are also so many lack luster songs crowding the track list, the overall strength of the album is brought down. Another frequent complaint I’ve heard Drake fans stating is that his music has gotten bad and he is more of a pop artist nowadays. He is no longer rapping about things of real substance. In some ways, it seems like he may have ran out of material. Not placing blame, but many listeners believe that Drake’s lyricism has been on the decline especially since he became good friends with Atlanta rapper, Future. Even with the increased mixed feelings about Drake’s music, one undeniable fact is that Drake is at the top of his game and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Almost every artist wants to have the rapper featured on one of their songs.

Now I wouldn’t be a true Drake fan if I didn’t let you know the positives of Views. Drake and his producers sampled a lot of songs to complete the album. They sampled over 10 songs; some more popular than others. He sampled songs from artists ranging from Mary J. Blige, Brandy, DMX, Ray J, and many others. The samples were definitely a good touch because one cannot argue with the fact that the production on “Views” was impeccable. Some of my faves are “Weston Road Flows”, “Views” (the actual song), as well as “Too Good” with Rihanna. Drake chose to feature some well-known artists like Rihanna and PartyNextDoor but he balanced it with features from artists on the rise like Dvsn, who nearly steals the show on the slow burning “Faithful.” Dvsn is also rumored to be the opening act on Drake’s upcoming Summer Sixteen tour.

As a Die-Hard Drake fan, I can honestly say I didn’t love this album, but it was cool. “Take Care” was Drake’s best album and now that “Views” has come out I can confidently say “Take Care” is still Drake’s best album. Nothing has been the same since Drake dropped “Nothing Was the Same” and I don’t know if I like that.


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