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The Polarization of the 2016 Presidential Election


** I want to preface this by saying Politics is a very volatile subject; this is my opinion and you do not have to agree with it. **

The 2016 Presidential Election race seems to be the only thing people are talking about. Flip to any news station and what are the trending topics: Donald trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and, up until he decided to drop out, Ted Cruz. Firstly, the rise of Donald Trump is a whole other issue in itself, but when focusing on the potential Democratic nominees, Clinton and Sanders, many issues seem to arise. At a time when there is so much dissension and disagreement, it seems like instead of focusing on the true issues such as the state of our nation, all the candidates are doing is pointing fingers and hurling insults. The behavior is very reminiscent of a session of recess at an elementary school, which I find to be ironic considering Trump, Clinton and Sanders are all 69 years old or above.

Bernie Sanders is hoping to become the Democratic party’s official nominee for this year’s Presidential election. Based on the number of electoral votes Sanders has in comparison to those acquired by Clinton, it does not look like he will be winning the 2016 nomination. Even with that bleak outlook, Sanders is not letting that stop him. He intends to continue campaigning until the nominee is formally announced. Although he most likely will lose to Clinton, one has no choice but to respect his resiliency and perseverance. As I write this, it looks like the 2016 Presidential Election will come down to Hillary Clinton representing the Democrats against the highly controversial Donald Trump representing the Republicans.

Now that you’re all caught up, let’s move on to the bigger issue: the dangerous polarization of the American people. I don’t agree with Donald Trump’s ideas nor his supposed “policies”, but he is a part of this polarization as well. I’m not sure if this issue is typical for presidential elections and perhaps I never realized it was occurring because I did not pay enough attention. This is first election where I am old enough to vote, so I’ve been keeping track of every little detail. Unfortunately, however, this campaign has perpetuated a lot of hate, non-presidential behavior and stubbornness. Sanders entered the race with new and unique ideas that many average Americans are in support of. Those ideas include free college education and things alike, but the issue is that many feel that if Sander’s doesn’t win the Democratic nomination then they will not even bother voting. This is a very dangerous way to think. To add, I hate to say it, but it is mainly us Millennials who have this terrible attitude. Picking sides in this manner could have a detrimental impact on the state of the country. Not participating in the election because Bernie Sanders isn’t the nominee could lead to an unfit candidate becoming the new leader of the free world. I will not say that I trust Hillary Clinton because she has been caught in numerous lies, but let’s be real she is a politician and THEY ALL LIE! Clinton was once the First Lady and then the Secretary of State. Like it or not, to say that she is unqualified for the job would be a complete lie. She knows how the United States government works and how to interact with foreign diplomats.

Instead of completely giving up on the election like I have heard many people say, it would be wiser to stand strong in what you want to see America accomplish in the future. Voting is a right of every citizen of the United States, so why not exercise your rights and have your voice heard? Really look into the policies of all the potential nominees and see where you stand. Voting for the lesser of the two evils, whomever that may be in your opinion, is better than not voting at all. Every vote counts; even if it doesn’t seem like it, how do you think President Obama got elected not once but twice?


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