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What’s Going on With Brexit?

Someone tweeted recently that it felt like she was living in an intense and scary chapter of her future child’s AP World History textbook, and I couldn’t agree more. With the increasing global threat of ISIS, corruption, wars, and sporadic financial markets, it seems like all hell has broke loose on this planet. Brexit this, Brexit that. Brexit seems to be the leading topic of every news outlet. If you somehow managed not to hear about Brexit, I’m here to give you a little background. Brexit is the hashtag being used to discuss the United Kingdom’s plan to leave the European Union(BRitian EXIT). Last Thursday, June 23, the U.K. held a vote or referendum on whether or not to leave the EU and 52% voted to leave the organization. The Prime Minister of the U.K., David Cameron, did not want the U.K. to leave the EU but he wanted the state to vote on the subject. To his dismay, the result did not align with his intended goal and he has unfortunately put in his 3-month resignation.
Having a superpower decide to leave a leading organization such as the European Union is Mind-boggling. For many of us, we grew up learning about the EU in grade school and we have never known a world where the U.K. was not a part of the union. The issue is not simply that the United Kingdom is leaving the EU, the issue is that this one decision has the potential to dismantle many long-standing structures and relationships. There have already been visible negative consequences of this split. First, Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom and they had no interest in leaving the European Union. They are now forced to scurry and try to retain their membership in the organization before the leaving process fully gets under way according to Article 50. (Article 50 is the official process commenced by the U.K.’s Prime Minister. Seeing how PM David Cameron is not fully on board with Brexit, Article 50 may take longer to start than many anticipate.) A move like this has the potential to effect alliances not only between the U.K. and Scotland, but between the U.K. and many other states. Furthermore, the financial markets are not stable enough for a drastic change like this. In fact, over this past weekend, the U.K.’s credit score went down and the markets lost about $3 trillion within the last week. Also, the stock markets are feeling the pressure from this situation and the pound’s value has been declining as well. One vote has caused a very big ripple effect.
Brexit didn’t just happen, this was a topic of discussion for quite some time. The United Kingdom is/was one of the biggest supporters of the European Union since its establishment. That is a heavy burden to carry for decades and leaving the Euorpean Union is very beneficial for the U.K.’s budget. In 2015, the U.K. voted that a referendum had to be conducted by 2017 to decide whether or not to stay with the Euorpean Union. 
It is going to be interesting to see how this decision unfolds. At a time like this, many people outside of the U.K. feel like countries should stick together, and I sort of agree. Solidarity amongst allies is a great display of strength and in many situations it is intimidating. Until further notice, I guess we will have to wait and see how this chapter of the AP World History Textbook concludes. 

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