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Presidential Debate Round 2: Was it a Debate or Was it a Playground fight at Recess? 


This week’s Presidential debate may have been even less substantive than the last. As a voter, watching the Presidential debates is supposed to help clarify questions or concerns we have regarding the candidates. However, I watched the debate and I think I may have ended up more confused afterward than when I first started watching it. The hour and forty-minute-long fiasco consisted of a lot of bantering, low blows and avoidance of questions.

This time, there were 2 moderators: Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz, who, in combination with audience members, posed questions to the candidates. From the very beginning, Donald Trump began bringing up how Hilary Clinton can’t be trusted. He even went a step further to state that if he becomes President, he will initiate an investigation into Hilary Clinton and the various scandals she faced as the Secretary of State. After a few minutes of bantering in response to a comment from Clinton, Trump said if he were president, “You’d be in jail,” referencing Clinton.

Subsequently, various questions were proposed to the candidates asking each of them what they would do regarding certain hot topics. They started with the Affordable Care Act. Trump wants to completely get rid of the program while Clinton wants to improve it. Also, the two presidential hopefuls discussed how each of them would deal with the humanitarian crisis in Syria and how they plan on addressing the refugees. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, Trump didn’t really answer this question. Instead, he danced around a direct answer, which is eerily similar to what he did several times throughout the debate. Moreover, race relations, islamophobia, economic improvement and much more were discussed as well.

Clinton and Trump both did their fair share of cutting each other off, highlighting shady aspects of their opponent and overall playground arguing. It felt like I was watching two kindergarten students argue with each over a game of kiddie kickball. It was quite disheartening to see adults, who want to be the leaders of the free world, argue with each other like children.

All in all, the debate came down to the very last question posed to candidates by an audience member, which was for each of them to say just one positive thing that they admired about the other. Throughout the night, Donald Trump struggled to articulate and deliver, but he saved himself with his answer to this question. Hilary Clinton answered first and stated that she admired his kids and how successful they are. She then went into a spiel about what she wants to see for this country. If she had kept it short and sweet instead of trying to make her last closing argument, I would say she won the debate overall, but her last comment supported the public opinion of Hilary Clinton coming off as too much of a politician. Then, Trump responded stating that Clinton was a fighter and that she never gives up. He of course snuck in the fact that he doesn’t agree with pretty much anything she is fighting for, but he admires that she perseveres. Furthermore, he did the right thing when he answered the question and moved on. In my opinion, that gained him some likability points in the end of the debate.

I am not quite sure if there was a winner of this debate, but I hope that at the next debate, a more substantive and informative discussion can occur. As of right now, I’m feeling like this election is more of a reality show than an actually race for the United States Presidency.


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